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For years, Microsoft’s classic troubleshooting tools have been playing fairy godmother and fixing your PC for you. But all good things must come to an end, and Microsoft is slowly saying goodbye to them. Their final curtain call will be in 2025.

These trusty tools were there for all of us when we needed them most, solving common issues from printing problems to internet interruptions. They were the heroes we didn’t know we needed. But now it’s time for them to retire and make way for the new generation.

Microsoft is ushering in a new era with the Get Help troubleshooting platform. Starting this year, some of our old troubleshooting friends will redirect us to this new platform.

The Get Help app will be the new one-stop-shop for all your troubleshooting. It’s like a digital concierge, ready to assist with common issues and even taking search queries. However, not all troubleshooters are making the transition. Some will be retired without replacement from future versions of Windows 11.

Remember, these tools are here to help, but they’re not miracle workers. In fact, I recommend they’re NOT set up to fix issues automatically. Because even our tech heroes need a little supervision sometimes.

Will you miss troubleshooting tools, or are you ready for the change?

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Microsoft begins deprecation of classic troubleshooting tools in Windows 11