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Google Apps brings simplicity to Enterprise Mobility Management

Enterprise software can often be complex and difficult to navigate. Unlike consumer software which has gravitated towards simplicity. Google, therefore believes that, Google Apps Admins should have an Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solution that is simple to operate, which delivering enterprise grade security.

In order to make it easier for Google Apps Admins to set up and define mobile management policies, Google has launched three new features:

Mobile Management can now be set up with one click

By simply clicking MANAGE NOW on the Admin console landing page, admins can set up Mobile Management with a predefined set of security policies.


Android for Work can now be set up with one click

No longer must admins complete fifteen steps spread across different pages in the admin console, cutting and pasting security tokens, to set up Android for Work. With a single click, admins can begin managing and whitelisting mobile apps for their Android for Work devices in their domain.


Device management settings are now easier to find and use

With the continued evolution of device management and application management capabilities, an ever-growing list of policy settings on a single page has become unwieldy for admins. That is why Google has redesigned the device management experience by logically categorising all device policy settings, making them easier to find and use


Enterprise mobile devices can now be managed from anywhere, anytime

With the latest version of Google Admin App, mobile device management capabilities are now at admins’ fingertips. Google Admins don’t need to reach their desk to handle a device security breach. They can view the list of all managed devices and take remote actions like account wipe or even block user devices right from our Admin app anywhere, anytime.