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Did you know that curiosity for early access to the beta versions of your favourite apps might just be leading you to cyber criminals?

The FBI has sounded the alarm on a new threat.

Hackers are injecting malicious code into fake beta apps, potentially turning your mobile into their personal gold mine.

Unlike official app store apps that go through stringent security checks, these beta apps aren’t checked.

The cyber criminals are masters of disguise – mimicking names, icons, and descriptions of legitimate apps to gain trust. They distribute these via fake emails sent to you, and even dating apps.

Once inside your phone, they create havoc, accessing financial apps and personal data. Some even pose as cryptocurrency exchanges, stealing digital currency right under your nose.

So, what can you do? Simple. Avoid beta apps and wait for official app store releases. Use antivirus software and scrutinise new app installations. Watch for red flags like a rapidly draining battery, poor performance, persistent pop-up ads, and unnecessary permission requests.

Think before you tap ‘download’. Ask: is this app worth risking your security? Remember, caution is the best policy.

Do you use beta versions of apps?

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