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Looking for Cloud Service Providers?

Want to reduce the amount of downtime of your IT department?

Increasingly technology is being tailored to our needs. Within the computer and app world, technology is being created to how consumers act and react. According to ‘The New Scientist’, computers are being taught to ‘help handle our feelings’. For many of us, that might sound laughable, as they often sometimes cause us so much stress. But the magazine argues that, with so many lifestyle apps coming out, technology is getting better at meeting our needs.

If you want more personalised support, we can help.

At Your Cloud Works Ltd we appreciate that every business is unique. That’s why our bespoke cloud solutions are designed around the requirements of your business.

The many benefits of our Citrix Hosted Desktop include: standardisation of corporate desktop, office and email software, business continuity and disaster recovery. Further benefits are flexibility to respond to market changes, increased security and control of data. With the option of financial flexibility, (you only pay for what you need), it will improve the collaboration and communication between departments.

Make your business data more secure.

We will move your IT infrastructure to a highly secure tier III data centre. This will provide you and your employees access to your desktops, business data and applications via a web browser on any device.

Learn more about our cloud based solutions in Milton Keynes.