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Why your business should try Google Sheets

For the majority of businesses working with data and spreadsheets, it is easy to continue with the same daily routine. For some who are experts with formulas or pivot tables and have excellent spreadsheet skills, this may not appear to be a problem. But these skills will only go so far when teams are working with multiple versions or outdated datasets.

On average, employees spend a whole working day (eight hours each week) searching and consolidating information, that is 20% of their time. What if your teams could use this time to gain insights and become more productive? Google Sheets offers your business a chance to do just that.

Google designed cloud-based tools, like Google Sheets, to make it easier to quickly organize and analyze information in one place. All G Suite applications have Google’s powerful search engine built-in. Our cloud migration services will optimise your business, protect your data and improve productivity.

Here are five reasons why you should try using Sheets.

One: Your data always stays up to date.

Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides are in the Cloud, this means that they automatically save as you type. Team members can all work on the same sheet at the same time with real-time editing and collaboration. You will never be working on seperate versions of the same document ever again.

Perhaps different users need a different view; it is no problem. You can sort information or hide data without affecting the view of colleagues. To prevent other users from making unwanted changed you can protect cells with custom share settings, and you can view or revert documents with version control.

Google Sheets: Your data always stays up to date.

Two: Speed up analysis with Google’s artificial intelligence

When your business needs to analysis information fast, Google’s machine intelligence can do the hard work. Ask Sheets a question about your data and it will answer using natural language processing. Google Sheets can also suggest formulas and create charts and pivot tables.

For those who need to analyse information against large data sets, Sheets will sync with BigQuery.

Google Sheets: Speed up analysis with Google’s artificial intelligence

Three: Help keep data secure.

Security features are built in to all G Suite applications. With the transparent sharing controls you can determine which individuals or groups can access, or edit documents. G Suite allows your business to have full control of who can view, edit or comment on your documents. Plus there are Information Rights Management (IRM) controls, this means that you can disable options to download, copy or print spreadsheets.

Owners of a Google Sheet can also suspend user access by setting expiration dates and Admins have the power to restrict file sharing or to whitelist domains.

Four: Work the way you are used to.

Switching to Google Sheets is easy, it has all the functionality that teams are used to using everyday.

There are hundreds of functions that users regularly use like VLOOKUP, SUMIFS and IPMT. Plus some unique functions to help you work in new and more productive ways, like: FILTER to quickly organize a spreadsheet according to an input, QUERY to pull specific results out of a central dataset or GOOGLEFINANCE to source data directly from Google Finance.

Organising your data is also easy and intuitive: colour cells using Conditional Formatting; create drop-down lists with Data Validation; or freeze headers at the top of your sheet. Google for work will reinvent and optimise your working day to assist you in being as productive as possible.

Five: Automate your processes

G Suite apps are integrated to help businesses automate their processes. For example an inventory manager can create a Google Form to receive supply requests from users. The form responses sync with a Google Sheet and emails notifications can be sent to the relevant person for approval.

Google Sheets: Automate your processes

This is just one way G Suite helps improve team productivity.

Your Cloud Works is a Google Cloud Partner. If your business is looking to go Google, or trial G Suite, we can set you up, migrate data, train staff and support your G Suite domain and devices.