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Hosted Desktop

Citrix Hosted Desktop

Why Citrix Hosted Desktop?

All of your team members have access to your business hosted desktop, can log in from any device in any workspace and continue working with complete access to all their required company data, apps and software.

All of this without the need to be tied
to a physical server at the office.

There is also the benefit of transparent scalability, you have a standard cost per month per user, and you can plan and budget for growth and change with ease.

Compatible with Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace.

Benefits During Lockdown

With the COVID-19 pandemic, many clients have chosen Citrix Hosted Desktop as an ideal hybrid solution to allow staff to work from home and the office seamlessly.

The 3 Pillars of Hosted Desktop


Experience – We have been working with the same highly secure data centres for many years now.

Automatic Back-ups – All your business data is backed up with an online automated backup.

Increased Peace of Mind – Despite the dying belief, that the Cloud is an unknown realm. It is now clear that on-premise data storage is a high-risk business choice.

Control of Your Data – you have access to your own easy to use desktop interface, giving you the power to control access to your data and systems. You manage who can log on and define what devices can be used to do so. Controlling your data has never been simpler.


Freedom – Remove the constraints of traditional IT infrastructures, and create a more productive culture, with the flexibility to place personnel where they are required, whenever the need arises. They can work from anywhere.

Increase job satisfaction – Happy staff means better productivity. Giving your staff the mobility and flexibility of a Cloud Solution reduces stress and helps create a healthier work/life balance, increasing job satisfaction.

Enhance communication – providing your staff with access to each other and documents or systems they require, when they require them. This allows real-time collaboration for all team members.


Simplify your IT –When you adopt the Cloud you no longer have to support and maintain your IT infrastructure. Gone are the expenses of running your server; only pay for the space you need. Spreading your costs has never been easier with a predictable monthly service fee.

Ease cash flow – rather than buying expensive hardware, you essentially rent the technology. That means these costs, as well as been greatly reduced, convert from capital expenditures to operational expenses.

Increased scalability – Scale up and down as and when you need, its smooth, stress-free and you no longer have to worry about purchasing or disposing of servers and storage space.

Let’s work together..

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Standard Package

Entry level IT Support and Security Package

Premium Package

Premium comes packed with essential security and data backup

Elite Package

For the more securty concious business owner.

Ultimate Package

For a total security and centrally managed it environment.


3CX Hosted Phone Systems

3CX hosted phone systems are cloud-based communication platforms that enhance business connectivity through unified voice, video, and messaging tools.

Application Hosting & Management

Application hosting and management involves deploying and maintaining software applications in the cloud to ensure their reliable and secure operation.

Centralised Professional Email Signature

Centrally managed email signatures. Set sleek unified signatures for the whole company.

Dark Web Monitoring

Monitor the Dark Web for compromised domain/emails from your company to limit a cyber attack.

Device Protection (Endpoint Detect & Respond – EDR)

Fully managed and monitored device protection 24/7, human led SOC, who detect and investigate, triage, and action remediation.

DNS Security and Configuration

Email security is paramount to protecting your business and brand. Configuration of a domain for email is the first step.

Domain Registration & DNS Management

Domain registration secures your web address, while DNS management ensures that people can find your website using that address.

Email Filtering, Protection & Security

Total email security that filters spam, viruses, phishing attacks and more.

Full Fibre 900mbps Business Internet

Full Fibre 900Mbps Business Internet delivers lightning-fast, symmetrical speeds to supercharge business productivity.

Google Workspace Subscription, Management & Security

Google Workspace smoothly integrates the business solutions that your team needs in one place.

Internet Filtering & Protection

Our DNS filtering solution has been ranked #1. Internet and Content Filtering at its best.

Managed Backup for Microsoft 365 & Google Workspace

Our backup solution is built in the cloud for the cloud, making it one of the fastest and most reliable cloud backups.

Microsoft 365 Security Monitoring

24/7/365 monitoring of your Microsoft 365 account to spot any configurations issues and fix them.

Microsoft 365 Subscription, Management & Security

Microsoft 365 subscriptions include familiar Office apps, intelligent cloud services, and world-class security in one place.

Network Discovery

Network Discovery provides complete security scans of your network in real time.

Password Manager

Protect your organisation against cyber threats with zero-trust enterprise password management.

Penetration & Vulnerability Testing

Automated full-scale penetration and vulnerability testing as a service.

Phishing Simulation & Security Awareness Training

Auotmate your Cyber Security Awareness & Phishing Training with YCW.

Server Support

24/7/365 Server monitoing in real time. We fully maintain, patch monitor your servers.

Support, Monitoring & Maintenance

Our IT Helpdesk is available from 8:30am to 6:00pm Monday to Friday to answer and resolve any question you may have.

Windows 365 Cloud PC

Windows 365 Cloud PC allows you to securely stream your Windows experience, including your personalised apps, content, and settings, directly from the Microsoft Cloud to any device.

WordPress Hosting

WordPress Hosting is a hosting service optimized for WordPress websites, providing easy setup, enhanced security, and performance tuning for a seamless WordPress experience.

Zoho CRM Subscriptions

Zoho CRM is a cloud-based customer relationship management platform designed to help businesses streamline their sales, marketing, and customer support processes

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