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Hosted Desktop Solutions in Northamptonshire

Benefits of Hosted Desktop Solutions in Northamptonshire

Ever wanted to access your files on the go or if you’re away from your own computer? Hosted desktops enable you to access your files and business applications at your own ease. Providing you have an Internet connection, with a hosted desktop solution enabled you can access the files you need when you want. Hosted desktop solutions in Northamptonshire will solve any problems you may be receiving currently.

This ability can enable you more flexibility without carrying a backup or external hard-drives. This is extremely helpful if you are always on the move, especially if you’re traveling from client to client up the country.

Hosted Desktop Solutions – The Benefits & Advantages

If you’re looking for hosted desktop solutions in Northamptonshire, Your Cloud Works offer exceptional security, mobility and the chance to save time and money.

Benefits of our hosted desktop solutions include:

  • Automatic Back-Ups: This enables you to stop stressing whether the Document will be there next time you view or search for it. You can schedule automatic back-ups, and monitor them using a single web-based admin feature.
  • Increased security: Despite many misconceptions, having a hosted desktop does not produce any more risks to your security & system. In fact, it can actually improve it by using Your Cloud Works.
  • Better Employee Communication: Since your business resources are online, your staff can access documents anywhere whether onsite or off-site. This can help save time as employees can access their own files while at home or commuting.
  • Financial Savings: It can quickly become very costly to support a fixed desktop for every employee within your organisation. Implementing a Hosted Desktop strategy can help reduce costs and reduce hours of administration for in-house servers & IT security.
  • Productivity Increase: Backing up the Communication point this is another point to add. With better communication due to staff having better mobility and flexibility will cause improved productivity. Over time communication will cause Employees to not make mistakes and overall improve their productivity.


Alternatively, If you just need help with certain Tech aspect’s, give us a call on 01908 410261.

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