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A Hackers Toolkit : Behind the Hack

Watch this Certified Ethical Skilled
Hacker in action...

This series of videos in our Hackers Toolkit, will give your team inside knowledge on how important your cyber security really is.

How can you recognise a Ransomware Attack and protect your data?

What must your team do to protect your email accounts from breaches?

Why are we constantly talking about updating your device software?

Three Unique Viewpoints:

We asked a certified ethical hacker to break into three computers using different types of attack. He filmed it from both ends – as the hacker, and what was happening on his victims’ machines.

As you're watching, try to think about your business and your team members. Could they fall prey to these attacks? Could you?

What you’re about to see is rarely captured on video…these really are 6 minutes that could save your business! Talk to us to answer any questions that you have.

This is why we share valuable IT Security content every month

1 - A Ransomware Attack

First Attack - All of your data is encrypted until you pay a huge ransom to recover it

2 - A Brazen Email Attack

Second Attack - He uses a fake login portal to get you to give away your login details

3 - The Software Update Attack

Third Attack - Our hacker reveals why you should always keep your software updated

Hopefully these videos will open your eyes to the importance of having a trusted IT Security and Support Partner. Time to discuss this?

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