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Staff Training

Where does business security start?

Your team members are your first line of defence...

Your business data and that of your clients and suppliers have incredible value in the wrong hands. GDPR came in to effect in 2018 to strengthen the guidelines on companies’ data storage, usage and protection, yet many small businesses have still been left scratching their heads.

Your staff need to be trained and prepared to recognise cyber dangers

We train your staff in the key areas of Cyber Security, the basics of GDPR and the changes in attitude that will solidify your business security.

You may have the best antivirus software in place, regular data backups and cloud security, but one team member who clicks on a malicious link in a random email and your business has been breached. That is why training your human elements is essential for business today.

GDPR and Cyber Essentials compliance require Staff Awareness Training


1. Guide every person in your business to increase their security awareness.

Data Protection:

2. Provide the knowledge and tools to defend and protect your company data.


3. Deploy an ongoing Staff Awareness Training programme, not a one off session.

Google Staff Training

Google Training for your staff

When you decide to incorporate the Google business tools, your transition success will depend largely on your team knowing how to use the new set of tools.

We offer complete training options through online courses, with certified Google trainers.

Let's discuss what your team needs, and build a hands-on programme for them.

Help your staff understand the true value of powerful, collaborative apps, learn how to use the complete G Suite in a way that boosts productivity, and all in real-life hands-on scenarios using our Chrome OS devices.

As Google moves from G Suite to Workspace, we are ready to guide you through that transition.


1. Experience training methods that are immersive, hands-on and progressive.


2. Enjoy a comfortable, online environment, using our user designed training tools.


3. Develop your current skill levels or come and start from zero. Our experience will put you at ease.

"Every business that moves to Google, benefits from professional staff training."

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