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All things Cloud…

Is it your Time for Change…

Here at Your Cloud Works we, like any other business, are here to make money. However, the big difference with us is we work with our clients to ensure the solution we put forward is right for their business, and their back pocket! Yes we want to make money but we also like happy customers who are getting value for money and a great customer service to boot.

In fact, we recently changed our company name to reflect the true nature of what we do best: Cloud Solutions. We have been specialising in cloud services for the last 4 years and are experts in delivering cloud solutions. We even committed ourselves to the Cloud Industry Forum Code of Practice Certification for the 5th consecutive year; when it comes to cloud we know what we are talking about!

I have been working in the IT industry almost since the first desktop computer was put onto an office desk, and before you say it; yes I know, I don’t look that old but sadly it is true! Now, over the years I have always had my finger on the pulse, and eye on the game, and always kept up to date with latest technologies for business. I have always had pride in running a business that is at the forefront of technology for small / medium sized businesses and provide a dynamic proactive service to our clients (some of which have been with us for over 10 years now). We made the decision to heavily invest in the world of cloud computing over 4-years ago, which changed the direction of the business. This decision has sculpted the shape of my business today.

In addition to serving businesses, we have always had an education arm, providing IT solutions to schools in the local area and wider region. Over the years I have seen some awful treatment of schools through poor advice that has resulted in wasted money, which ultimately results in the children suffering. It is because of this I made the decision to put together a packaged offering to schools, containing a variety of services and products that they could pick and choose from to fit their budget and build around the FREE Google Apps for Education suite. This was recognised by Google and about 18-months ago Google chose us as one of only a few select number of partners in the UK; allowing us to resell the Google Apps for Education platform and provide support services, helping schools to successfully ‘go Google’.

Dawn of Change

In my eyes the biggest shift in IT came when Apple released the iPad back in 2010; what’s that I can hear you say? ‘Has it only been 6 years’, well yes, and since then the iPad or tablet computer has moulded the shape of how businesses now work.

The phenomenon of the iPad brought around a new way of working and slowly but surely manufacturers of devices have all caught up. Today, true seamless mobile computing has been with us for some time and the market is flooded with tablets, smartphones and Chromebooks. That being said businesses are still cautious about moving to the cloud, which is not particularly surprising, when moving to the cloud means you no longer have all your business data sitting on that big noisy expensive box called a server in the corner of your office. Your data becomes controlled by a company like ours; we provide a service to allow you to logon to your system and deliver your data to you, or like Google, or the other hosted companies dotted all over the world, providing online systems for pretty much anything these days. I completely understand how this could be daunting for someone not in IT, and as a business owner would also tread with caution.

Trust, Transparency, Partnership

We understand all of this, which is why we position ourselves to you, our potential client, in a way that eliminates your concerns about data security, and data protection. As I mentioned above, we have got many clients on our books that have been with us for over 10 years. This in itself speak volumes; it shows that they put full trust in us to provide the right advice on the latest technologies and services, which enhance their business and give them the piece of mind that no matter what, we are behind them to support their business.

The relationships we have with our customers are more like partnerships and we become a member of the team providing a one stop shop from basic services, like hardware supply, to a fully hosted desktop solution and everything in between.

We are fully transparent with our clients about our costs, and we strongly believe that our prices are reasonable for the work and services we provide.

Better Business

Your Cloud Works offers solid service and product packages which allow us to build a cloud solution to fit with any potential client’s business; changing the way they work and do business forever.

Flexibility, productivity, mobility, cost saving, utility billing, easier cashflow management, lower capital expenditure, simplified systems, more control over data access, better focus on running your business, reduce business overheads and be more profitable.

These are all great features of moving to the cloud and we can help you realise these significant changes to help you build a better business.

Pop me a message and I will provide a free no obligation survey of your current systems and provide a cloud migration solution that could show you an immediate return on investment!

Call us on 01908 410261 or email me on sales@yourcloudworks.com