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Connect spreadsheets, automate your work

Sheetgo is the no-code automation tool for office teams. Create custom workflows to collect, manage and share data — all from a spreadsheet.

About Sheetgo

Sheetgo is a cloud-based platform (SaaS) that allows users to automate data transfer between online spreadsheets.

From marketing agencies to schools, factories to financial institutions, Sheetgo is used by companies of all sizes in every industry. Over 240,000 people have automated their work with Sheetgo connections and over 50,000 end users rely on a Sheetgo workflow every month.

The number of spreadsheets is doubling every year and Sheetgo’s mission is to enable the world’s 1 billion spreadsheet users to automate their work with custom workflows. Sheetgo enables teams to save time, eliminate manual tasks, collaborate more productively and get streamlined, accurate data. No coding, no new software, just sheets.

Sheetgo works with trusted, secure platforms (G Suite) and is a Google Cloud Technology Partner.

Founded in 2016, the company has an international team working in Brazil, Spain and Germany, and users in over 70 countries. In 2018 the company was recognized as “The Top IT Startup in Spain and Portugal”, “Best B2B Enterprise Service” and “Most Scalable Startup.”

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Connect Spreadsheets, automate
your work.

Sheetgo is the no-code automation tool for office teams. Create custom workflows to collect, manage and share data — all from a spreadsheet.

Share data across your team,

Push and pull data between Google Sheets, Excel and CSV files. Collect, combine and filter into a master sheet. Distribute information to your colleagues.
No more copy pasting or emails.

Automate Any Process

From inventory management to sales tracking, you can create a custom Sheetgo workflow to automate any chain of tasks. More flexible and affordable than specialist software.
No coding. No new software. Just sheets.

Better Reporting

Consolidate and filter data from multiple sources for faster analysis and actionable insights. Create your own BI system and feed your dashboard with up-to-date and accurate data.
No scripts, macros or ImportRange.

Streamline data, boost productivity

By keeping data in separate but connected sheets, you create a secure and organized workflow. Get the data you need, exactly where you need it.
Lighter sheets. More control. Better data.

How Teams Use Sheetgo

Finance, HR, education, marketing, sales.
Start automating with a workflow template

Consultation and project design

Need a tailor-made solution for your team?
Our expert process designers can help you create a custom system.
Leverage the power of the cloud and start automating with Sheetgo.